Retirement Income Alliance


The National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (NFOP) provides help and support to company pensioners via a number of member benefits and services. Founded in 1930, NFOP is the oldest and largest occupational pensioner organisation in the UK.
It currently has nearly 80,000 members with 160 local groups across the country.NFOP is an independent not‐for‐profit membership organisation that has been providing
help and support to people in later life for over 85 years. It offers a number of valuable services designed to make members feel protected and supported through their later life stages – approaching, at and during retirement. It currently has nearly 70,000 members with over 145 local groups across the UK. (
Malcolm Booth, Chief Executive Officer at NFOP, will be blogging on behalf of NFOP about later life matters that affect individual members.