Retirement Income Alliance


They say that 70 is the new 60, which may be true as we benefit from better healthcare and take more care of ourselves. This increased period of activity after many years of work may feel like a well-deserved rest for some, but for others it may seem like quitting. 

Continuing to work is how some people choose to keep themselves, and their brains, active. Since compulsory retirement has been abolished for many occupations the options for mature workers has opened up. Although some prejudice does persist, many employers see the benefit of more worldly and potentially wiser employees.

Many choose to continue with the same employer but in a part-time capacity or a changed role, such as mentoring the next generation. Others seek new challenges or jobs that will fit with their planned lifestyle. We explore the possibilities in our working on section.

A large proportion of the self-employed are over State Pension age. Starting a new business, whether it is expanding a hobby, continuing in the same profession or buying a franchise, is not as uncommon as you may think. Our starting your own business section gives you more details.

Our real life case studies might inspire you, whether you are going to set up a market stall or build a large business.