Retirement Income Alliance

Meet my goals

If you know what you want to do in retirement the time is right to work out how you can do it. Aside from your pension you should think about using all the assets that you can to make more income. We think these assets are your cash savings, your investments, your property and yourself in the shape of working on for yourself or a new or current employer.

Our Savings section looks at how to make the best use of your cash both as an investment and as a buffer against bad luck. It looks at how much cash you should hold and where you could invest it to make the best return possible. We have provided a service called Rate Tracker that keeps track of the interest rates you are getting on deposit accounts and ISAs and then emails you when better rates come on to the market.

Many people want to use their property to help in their retirement plans although most are not sure how. In the Property section we look at how you can unlock the income in your home from renting out storage space to equity release. We can also help you understand what the rental value of your property could be if you could downsize while keeping your old property.

Investing in the stock market is not for everyone but over the long term, as long as you are able to manage the troughs and peaks in the value of your pension, the profits are better than many other types of investment. Our Investment section will look at the different types of investing from funds managed for you to self-service investing. Lifetime ISAs are also reviewed as a strategy.

The pension freedoms have given a wider choice of options and it is often difficult to see what choice to make. Our Pensions section looks at the services that you can use to manage the freedoms and gives you ideas about how to use these services to make up a mix of guaranteed and investment income that could suit you. We even have calculators that allow you to work out what investment and guaranteed income you could afford.

The asset that you probably know most about is yourself. There has been no forced retirement date for some time now and almost one in three people working past the state retirement age are self-employed. In our Working section we look at the implications of working for yourself both as a sole trader and as a company.