Retirement Income Alliance

Plan my retirement

This area is designed to help you start to plan your later life. It gives you tools to set your goals, it explores the assets you can use to meet your goals and, finally, the lifestyle section sets out to help you enjoy your income. .

If you have an idea of your finances, including what your pension savings are worth, then you might like to go directly to our Retirement Options Report. This report will explain the options available to you and provide estimates of your income in later life under each options.

Am I ready? gives you information about pulling together the necessary information to start a plan and outlines the things that you should consider while making your plan. You will find topics covering lasting Powers of Attorney, lending to your children and how to make the best of the care system as well as much more.

We have tools and calculators in the Set my goals area that will help you estimate what is a sensible goal to set yourself, whether you take a guaranteed income or decide to take a cash lump sum.

Meet my goals is a wealth of information on how to provide income in later life. It covers pensions, investing in cash, shares and property. If you’re not ready to put your feet up we also cover the options for working on in later life.