Retirement Income Alliance

What we’ll be campaigning about

RIA wants to help our members improve their financial position in later life. We are prepared to take action to deal with issues by talking to the government, regulators and politicians to bring change where needed.

We positively welcome some of the recent changes to the pension landscape. For example, pension freedoms has enabled many people to access their pension savings flexibly which we welcome. However, many could find themselves solely reliant on the basic state pension if they run out of private savings or housing equity.

We also welcome the triple lock on the basic state pension, whereby pensions increase by at least 2.5 per cent each year. Less welcome, however, is the steep rises in state pension age to keep pensions affordable.

We’ll be driven by what members are concerned about, from the restriction of the Lifetime Allowance to £1 million before punitive tax charges apply or the complexity of both state and private pension savings architectures and much more. We want to hear your concerns.

Letting us know your thoughts is simple, just fill out the form below and we’ll see what we can do. To keep up to date with our progress, check the news section.