Retirement Income Alliance

RIA's charter partners

The following organisations and individuals are proud to be partners with RIA. Seeing the need for an independent knowledge bank, our partners have helped support and finance RIA from the beginning, and through their commitment have helped to ensure that RIA is fit for purpose.

Chelsea FS Logo
Chelsea was founded in 1983 by the present Chairman, Dr John Holder. It was the first intermediary to discount initial charges on unit trusts and bonds, and later PEPs and ISAs. Over the past thirty years or so, Chelsea’s clients have saved tens of millions of pounds they would have paid in charges had they bought direct from investment companies.
Over the years, the business has grown and evolved, so that today Chelsea is known for quality, independent fund research and personal service.
FundCalibre uses Albemarle’s AlphaQuest system, which analyses fund and market data, combined with Chelsea’s hands on, interview-led fund research, to award Elite Fund Ratings.
As managing director of both Chelsea and FundCalibre, Darius McDermott believes that getting good information to people about all the options they have for income generation in later life, enabling them to make better choices and have better retirements, is vitally important. This is why Chelsea joined the RIA as a Charter Partner at launch.

LEBC Landscape
LEBC Group is delighted to support The Retirement Income Alliance in their aims and ambitions.With an ageing population increasingly moving towards and into retirement we believe it is increasingly important to guide as well as advise.
We believe the broad aims of The Retirement Income Alliance; particularly its wider view on retirement income is a valuable contribution to the understanding of the retirement income challenge and successfully negotiating it. LEBC are proud to be a Charter Partner, and look forward to working side by side with The Retirement Income Alliance to provide successful retirement outcomes for all.
Jack McVitie, Chief Executive, LEBC Group Ltd

MetLife logo Since entering the UK market in 2007, MetLife have been dedicated to bringing consumers a genuine alternative to standard retirement and investment solutions. MetLife have partnered with RIA to help educate consumers on the retirement choices available to them to allow individuals to make a better choice in retirement.
Following the launch of Pension Freedoms customers have been given the freedom to choose how they spend their retirement savings. This wider variety of choices can however cause confusion, which is why both MetLife and RIA believe that giving consumers better knowledge of all the options open to them in later life will allow them to make the better choices.

And the following individuals have given their support;

  • Margaret Snowdon
  • John Moret
  • Tony Watts
  • Susi Lennox
  • Sarah Woollett