Retirement Income Alliance

About us

The Retirement Income Alliance (RIA) is a membership-based community of people seeking to understand all of their options around income in later life. As our Take a Tour video shows RIA is not only about pensions and retirement, it’s about everything you can do to enjoy greater prosperity in retirement from starting a small business to using property to generate income. RIA believe if people have better knowledge of their options they are likely to make better choices and enjoy a better retirement as a result, whatever ‘retirement’ means to them!

Why RIA is needed

This website contains a range of easy to use calculators and interactive tools to help members understand their current position and future choices, together with commentary and thoughts from experts in the field.

Take a Tour

RIA’s promise to members is that we will never sell them anything, we will always take an independent view and member interests will always drive what we do and say – nothing else.

Becoming a member of RIA is quick and easy. There is an initial joining fee of £48. Your first year's membership is free and after this you pay £4 every month from the first anniversary of joining RIA. That’s less than £1 per week to join and start looking forward to enjoying later life. In the member benefit section, members can find discounts on goods and services such as domestic appliances, while benefiting from a range of services such as an IT help line, discounted wills and lasting powers of attorney and tax help.

Take a look around the website and see the benefit of understanding your options for creating income or Join